Backyard Beer Sports

As seniors at UC Davis, we grew tired of cracking pint glasses and throwing away trash bags filled with plastic cups.

We discovered that the vast majority of single-use polystyrene cups weren't being recycled. We're proud to offer the first fully sustainable solution for playing Beer Die & Snappa!

Beer Dye Cups
beer die rules

Beer Die

This 2 vs. 2 style game is intended for athletes. Make diving saves and sink your opponent's cups. Defense wins championships!

What are the rules?


This 2 vs. 2 style game is played sitting down. Snappa is the chilled-out (but low key bangin') cousin of Beer Die. Precision is the name of the game. Toss field goals and avoid the troll toll.

What are the rules?
snappa rules

3 Reasons to Ring the Bell

1. You've gone through more plastic cups than Will Ferrell's fraternity.

2. You're tired of chipping dice that were designed for Poker tables. 

3. You've broken more pint glasses than a Mexican dive bar.

beer die cups
Playing Beer Die on a beer dye table

Fall 2023 | College Tour

Do you want to host a tournament?

Send us a message describing the venue, which university you attend, and include 2-3 sentences about yourself.


Backyard Beer Sports

Switch to our premium pint glasses and help reduce plastic waste 🙏

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