Beer Die is a 2 vs. 2 table-based drinking game that rewards quick reactions, teamwork and accuracy. 


  • (2) Standard 16mm dice
  • (1) Flat 8x4ft surface (wooden table)
  • (4) Players of drinking age
  • (4) 16oz pint-glasses (steel cups)
  • (4) Beers of your choice


  • The 8x4ft table must be divided into two equal parts (4x4ft)
  • Teammates cups must be placed 3.5ft apart
  • Opponents cups must be placed 7.5ft apart
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the vertical field of play
how to play beer die

      The Tossers Handbook
      Beer Dye Rules
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      Beer Die (aka beer dye) is a defensive beer sport designed for athletes. The object of the game is to sink your opponents' cups while defending your half of the table.

      - Standard Matches are played to 11 while Quick Matches are played to Buzz (7) points. 

      - All tosses are thrown underhand and the die must achieve a minimum height of 10 feet.

      - Beer Die is typically played on grass, sand, or surfaces that permit diving.

      - Every game begins with (4) full pints of beer placed a finger's length from each corner.

      - The beer inside the defensive team's cups must be consumed and refilled after Buzz (7) points have been scored.

      - One toss at a time, and prior to every toss, the tosser must alert the other team by shouting, "Dye Up!" 

      - If the defensive team is scored on, that team drinks from their cups after both of the offensive players have tossed.

      - You and your partner always drink in pairs (and as House Rules permit).

      - If the opposing team doesn't believe the die achieved 10 feet of air, a defensive player can shout, "low" but they must state their opinion before the die comes in contact with a surface.

      - If the die is low, the toss does not count and the offensive player loses their turn.

      ☞  ⑤  must be referred to as Bizz
      ☞  ⑦  
      must be referred to as Buzz


      ONE POINT: commonly referred to as a "TINK" is awarded when a teammate tosses the dice in an underhand motion and its first point of contact is on the opposing team's side of the table before falling to the ground.

      TWO POINTS: commonly referred to as a "DINK" are awarded when the die comes in contact with an opponents cup before falling to the ground. If the die hits a beer bell and nothing else, two points are still awarded.

      THREE POINTS: commonly referred to as a "SINK" are awarded when a die lands inside of your opponents cup. The team that was sunk must finish their beers. Upon finishing, the teammate that was sunk rolls their die onto the table. If they roll Bizz (5) that player must abide by House Rules.


      - To prevent points a defender can attempt to catch the die with one hand. You cannot come in contact with the dice until it has "touched down" meaning hit the table or a cup and left the vertical field of play.

      - If a defender drops the dice, traps it against their body, or uses two hands to make a catch, points are awarded. 

      - If the die lands in your opponent's half but then spins backwards, the die is live and obstructing your opponents ability to catch the dice will result in a re-toss.

      - If the dice rolls down your midsection your hand is not allowed to come in contact with your body. This is considered an illegal waterfall.

      - You can use any part of your body to "keep the die alive" including your chest, knees, and feet.


      - If an offensive player misses the table completely, the die can be kicked into the air by a defensive player.

      - If the die that was kicked is successfully caught by the defensive player's partner, the air-tosser must sit out for one defensive rotation.

      - You cannot FIFA the same player more than once per match and we do not condone the use of knees.


      Listed below are circumstances under which "House Rules" are applied:

      H - a player's cup is sunk & rolls Bizz
      O - the die lands on the table Bizz up
      U - a player sinks their own cup
      S - getting skunked (11-1 or 7-0)
      E - a player says the words five or seven

      You can apply your own rules to these circumstances.


      - Penalties for breaking a rule are determined by the table's architect.

      - If the die touches down in the defensive team's half and it is touched by an opposing team member before "dying" on the table, points are awarded.

      - If a dispute ensues, you may seek guidance from the Officiating Bystander ("OB"). The OB decides whether the die was low, fair, or too-close-to-call, and an official re-toss will be awarded. 

      - If an offensive player tosses his/her dice and the die comes in contact with both beer bells before falling to the ground (2) points are awarded. Both players must then take a knee and finish their beers!

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      Attention Tossers: please do not drink from a cup that has dice inside of it. We suggest getting your fingers wet to safely remove your cubes.

      "The King of the Ring"
      - Buzz Bizzman

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