Beer Die is a 2 vs. 2 table-based drinking game that rewards quick reactions, teamwork and accuracy.


  • (2) Standard 16mm dice (Bicycle)
  • (1) Flat 8x4ft surface (wooden table)
  • (4) Players of drinking age
  • (4) 16oz pint-glasses (steel cups)
  • (4) Beers of your choice (light beer)


  • The 8x4ft table must be divided into two equal parts (4x4ft)
  • Teammates' cups must be placed 3.5-ft apart
  • Opponents' cups must be placed 7.5-ft apart
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the vertical field of play
how to play beer die

      The Tossers Handbook
      Beer Dye Rules
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      Beer Die (aka beer dye) is a defensive beer sport designed for athletes. The object of the game is to sink your opponent's cups while defending your half of the table.

      - Standard Matches are played to 11 points while Quick Matches are played to Buzz (7) points, straight up. 

      - All tosses are thrown underhand and the die must achieve a minimum height of 10 feet.

      - Beer Die is typically played on grass, sand, or surfaces that permit diving.

      - Every game begins with (4) full pints of beer placed a finger's length from each corner of the table.

      - One toss at a time, and prior to every toss, the tosser must alert the other team by shouting, "DYE UP!" 

      - If the defensive team is scored on, those players must take a generous gulp of beer for every point scored.

      - The beer inside of the defensive team's cups must be consumed and refilled after Buzz (7) points.

      - You and your partner always drink in pairs (and as House Rules permit).

      - If the opposing team doesn't believe the die achieved 10 feet of air, a defensive player can shout, "low" but they must state their opinion before the die comes in contact with a surface.

      - If the die is low, the toss does not count and the offensive player loses their turn.

      ☞  ⑤  must be referred to as Bizz
      ☞  ⑦  
      must be referred to as Buzz


      ONE POINT: commonly referred to as a "TINK" is awarded when a player tosses their dice and its first point of contact is on the opposing team's side of the table, before falling to the ground.

      TWO POINTS: commonly referred to as a "DINK" are awarded when the die comes in contact with at least one cup before falling to the ground.

      THREE POINTS: commonly referred to as a "SINK" are awarded when a die lands inside of your opponent's cup. The team that was sunk kills their beers, refills their cups, and rolls their dice. If they roll a Bizz, House Rules are applied.


      - To prevent points from being awarded, the defensive team must catch the opposing team's dice with one hand.

      - If a defender drops the dice, traps it against their body, or uses two hands to make a catch, points are awarded.

      - The defensive team is not allowed to come in contact with the dice until it strikes the table or a cup.

      - If the dice rolls down your midsection, your hand cannot touch your chest or your stomach. This is considered an illegal waterfall.

      - You can use any part of your body to "keep the die alive" including your chest, knees, and feet.


      - If an offensive player misses the table completely, the die can be kicked into the air by a defensive player.

      - If the die that was kicked is successfully caught by the defensive player's partner, the air-tosser must sit out for one defensive rotation.

      - You cannot FIFA the same player more than once per match and we do not condone the use of knees.


      Listed below are circumstances under which "House Rules" are applied:

      H - a player's cup is sunk & rolls bizz
      O - the die lands on the table bizz up
      U - a player sinks their own cup
      S - getting skunked (11-1 or 7-0)
      E - a player says the words five or seven

      You can apply your own house rules to these circumstances!


      - Penalties for breaking a rule are determined by the table's architect.

      - If the die touches down in the defensive half and it is touched by a defensive player prior to "dying" on the table, points are awarded.

      - If a dispute ensues, you may seek guidance from the Officiating Bystander ("OB"). The OB decides whether the die was low, fair, or too-close-to-call, and an official re-toss will be awarded.

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      beer die cups

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      Attention Tossers: please do not drink from a cup that has dice inside of it. We suggest getting your fingers wet (for once) to safely remove your cubes.

      The King of the Ring
      - Buzz Bizzman

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