Snappa is a 2 vs. 2 tabled-based drinking game that rewards accuracy and stamina.


  • (2) Standard 16mm dice
  • (4) Players of drinking age
  • (4) Beers of your choice
  • (4) 16oz pint-glasses
  • (4) Stools or camping chairs
  • (1) Flat 8x4ft surface (wooden table)

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snappa rules


          • The 8x4ft table must be divided into two equal parts (4x4ft)
          • A standard-sized Snappa table is 3.5ft tall
          • Make sure nothing is obstructing the vertical field of play
          • Teammates cups must be placed 3.5ft apart 
          • Opponents cups must be placed 7.5ft apart

            Snappa Rules

            The Tossers Handbook
            Snappa Rules
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                HOW TO PLAY SNAPPA: 

                The goal of Snappa is to toss your dice onto your opponents' side of the table and have the die roll between your opponent's cups (The Endzone).

                - To begin a match, one player from each team rolls a die. The team that rollest the highest number is awarded the first toss and the opposing team chooses their end to defend.

                - Standard Matches are played to Buzz (7) points. 

                - All tosses are thrown underhand and the die must achieve a minimum height of 10 feet.

                - One toss at a time, and prior to every toss, the tosser must alert the other team by shouting, "DYE UP!" 

                - The team that was scored on takes a drink from their cup but only after both of the opposing players have tossed.

                - The beer within you and your partner's cups must be consumed and refilled after 4 points have been scored on your team. 

                - The team members that were scored on drink (roughly 1/4) of their beers, per point, after both of the opposing players have tossed.

                - You and your partner always drink in pairs (and as House Rules permit). 

                - If the opposing team doesn't believe the die achieved 10 feet of air, a defensive player can shout, "low".

                - If the die is low, the toss does not count and the tosser has lost their turn. 

                ☞  ⑤  must be referred to as Bizz
                ☞  ⑦  
                must be referred to as Buzz

                HOW TO SCORE POINTS:

                • ONE POINT:

                FIELD GOAL - when a player tosses their die onto the table and it goes through the defending team's Endzone before falling to the ground. 

                • TWO POINTS:

                SINK - when a player tosses their die into an opponent's cup. Both players must finish their cups and refill them upon completion. 


                - To prevent points, either of the two defenders can attempt to catch the die with one hand. You cannot come in contact with the dice until it has "touched down" meaning hit the table or a cup and left the vertical field of play.

                - If a defender drops the dice, traps it against their body, or uses two hands to make a catch, points are awarded. 

                HOUSE RULES:

                Listed below are circumstances under which "House Rules" are applied:

                H - a player's cup gets sunk & rolls Bizz
                O - the dice "dies" on the table Bizz up
                U - a player sinks their own cup
                S - a team gets skunked (11-1 or 7-0)
                E - a player says the words five or seven

                You can apply your own rules to these circumstances!

                RARE CIRCUMSTANCES: 

                - Die Back is awarded when both players score consecutively.

                - If a dispute ensues, you may seek guidance from the Officiating Bystander ("OB"). The OB decides whether the die was low, fair, or too-close-to-call, and an official re-toss will be awarded. 

                snappa cups

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                Attention Tossers: please do not drink from a cup that has dice inside of it. We suggest getting your fingers wet (for once) to safely remove your cubes!

                "The King of the Ring"
                - Buzz Bizzman

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