The Plastic Problem

August 09, 2019


Did you know: Polystyrene cups aka those red party cups you use, aka styrofoam, aka Plastic #6, takes (at least) 500 years to biodegrade in optimum conditions? In fact most single-use party cups are made of polystyrene and is extremely difficult to recycle.

Did you know: Polystyrene - those red party cups you use, aka styrofoam, aka Plastic #6, was labeled as a non-biodegradable thermoplastic?
Unfortunate Facts:
- Polystyrene can leach a neurotoxin called styrene 
- Styrene accumulates in our body's fatty tissue 
- Styrene causes cancer, birth defects, 
- Heat and the acidic nature of alcoholic beverages can break down PS

Polystyrene is not recycled for two reasons.

1. It is more expensive to recycle PS than it is to manufacture
2. Containers that have previously been used for food storage create a massive food hygiene issue for recyclers. For this reason, and due to the shrinking market for the recycled products, many recyclers do not accept polystyrene.

The manufacturing process for polystyrene foam also releases harmful hydrocarbons, which combine with nitrogen oxides in the presence of sunlight and form a dangerous air pollutant at ground level called tropospheric ozone
So yeah, when you toss your red cups into the recycling bin with a smile on your face, think again.

Have you been in a crunch and decided to wash your single-use plastics?
Warm water 

Remember to think twice before purchasing 

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