Becoming a Sponsored Athlete

So you want to be an elite member of our team... Ask yourself, "Do I enjoy tossing cubes, sipping cold ones, grilling dogs, and free ODP swag?" If you responded Aye Aye Captain, we want you to join our team!ย But first, you will need to do a couple of things. Send us a 5-7 sentence explanation as to why you believe you've got what it takes. Tell us how many followers you have, what sort of hobbies you enjoy, and why you'd like to rep' our brand.

Email your submissions toย

  • If you're enrolled in college, please tell us what school you're attending
  • If you're in a fraternity, sorority, or a social club don't forget to mention the club in your email
  • If you're an influencer please include your Instagram handle, YouTube account, and/or TikTok username.

We generally respond to emails within 2-3 days.

ย  ย - The King, Mr. Buzz Bizzman

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