Free Snapback | Limited Quantity

If you own any of our Backyard Beer Sports products you're eligible for a FREE pigment-dyed snapback. Just tag us in a video of you sinking one of our reusable cups while playing Beer Die!

After tagging us in a video, DM @officialdrinkingpartner with the message "SUNK". We'll send you a one-time discount code that's redeemable for a free snapback 🤑🍻

Eligibility Requirements:
• You must have at least 500 followers on either TikTok or Instagram
• You must be playing Beer Die/Snappa
• Post must remain live for at least 24hrs
• Follow us @officialdrinkingpartner
• And lastly, it must be an in-game-sink
(sorry guys practice sinks don't count)

Yup, it's that easy. We will cover all expenses including shipping 🙌

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